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45 Fun Travel Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers to Use When Not Traveling

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My solution to travel blogger’s block:  45 fun travel blog post ideas for travel bloggers to use when not traveling.

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Travel Blogger’s Block, it is a thing!

It has been several months since we have traveled, so my travel blog has taken a hit.  Over the past few months, I have been immersed in our busy family life. Work, kid’s homework, basketball, softball, horseback riding has kept us busy. So you see, no signs of travel in that long list. For these reasons, I have been struggling with content ideas for my travel blog.

Our last holiday was spent in New York City during the Christmas season.

Frankly, I was unable to gather enough content during that visit to incorporate into my blog because it was kinda crazy.  New York City is fascinating to me, it is magical.  During Christmastime, it was absolutely amazing.  However, it was cold and super crowded and somewhat overwhelming.  We truly had a blast and I did learn a thing or two, want to hear about it?

New York City:  What I Learned in 7 Days in the City During Christmastime.

statue of liberty new york city

Fast forward to now.

Lately, I have spent time brainstorming ideas for content creation, making lists, and checking off a few here and there.  I have posted some fun things, travel related, but not necessarily specific to a particular destination.   Check these out!

What to Pack In Your Beach Bag for the Perfect Day at the Beach

Summer vacation at beach

Seasickness Guide:  How To Prevent and How To Treat

Seasickness Care Package

Are you having the same issue with travel blogger’s block?

I imagine there are some of you out there feeling the same as me.  Wondering what can you post that is travel related during the offseason?

Let’s go ahead and make a list of travel blog post ideas to use when not traveling.

Of course, #1 on this list is to make a list of Travel Blog Post Content Ideas to Create when not traveling!

1)   Travel Blog Post Content Ideas to Create When Not Traveling

2)   What’s in Your Camera Bag?

3)   25 Favorite Travel Images from an Amateur Photographer

4)   Most Instagrammable Spots in ________

5)   Must-Have Travel Apps

6)   25 Travel Gifts Less Than $25

7)   What You Need When Traveling to ________

8)   Packing Lists (Carry On Bag, Beach Bag, First Aid Kit, Camera Bag)

9)   Travel Essentials for Family Travel

10) Beauty Products Necessary for Travel

11)  Bucket List Food for Certain Destination

12)  Bucket List Beverage for Certain Destination

13)  Food Superlatives (Best Food, Worst Food, Weirdest Food, Most Instagrammable Food)

14)  Top 10 Favorite Attractions in _____  _ .

15)  Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

16)  Healthy Snacks to Pack While Traveling

17)  What to Pack in a First Aid Kit

18)  Safety Tips While Traveling

19)  Motion Sickness Guide

20)  Traveling with a Special Diet (Food Allergies or Sensitivities)

21)  Tips to Surviving Long Haul Flight 

22)  Flying with Children

23)  Gift Guide for Wanderlusters

24)  Favorite Travel Books

25)  Travel Quotes You Love

26)  What to Include in Your Carry On Bag for a Long Haul Flights

27)  Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Long Haul Flight

28)  Favorite Travel Experience

29)  Travel Fails

30)  Funniest Travel Moments

31)  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

32)  Travel Experience That Changed You

33)  Favorite Travel Hacks

34)  How to Book Cheap Flights

35)  How To Travel On a Budget

36)  Finding the Perfect Cruise

37)  Packing for Your Cruise

38)  Essentials Needed for Your First Cruise

39)  Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Your Home Town

40)  Bucket List Attractions in Your Home Town

41)  Best Photo Spots in Your Home Town

42)  How to Start a Travel Blog in 11 Easy Steps

43)  Tools I Use to Write a Travel Blog Post

44)  Destination Travel Guide:  All You Need To Know Before Traveling to_________

45)  My Very Own Travel Bucket List

So, there it is, a list of 45 Blog Post Ideas to keep you (and me) busy for months.  I seriously love this list and I am excited to get started.

Can you help me make it an even 50?

Drop me a line below so I can add your ideas to my list.

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Cheers and Safe Travels from

Traveling Party of Four!

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